Finding The Right Crampons


For those who like mountaineering as an outdoor hobby or as a sport, it is necessary that they use the right gear, especially when it comes to shoes. Hiking shoes come in different styles and shapes and are suitable for different mountaineering conditions. When it comes to choosing the right crampons, you could log in to for some of the best crampons. All you have to do is check it out on their website, and you will have a whole lot to choose from.

As far as mountaineering and hiking is concerned, different people have different tastes. You might be a professional mountaineer who likes to climb on vertical rocky slopes, or on icy glaciers, or you might like mountaineering as a hobby. Whatever your preferences may be, you need the right crampon to ensure that you enjoy the entire process.

How To Choose The Right Crampon?
As far as attachments to crampons on concerned, there are three different types to choose from depending on what you’ll use it for. The most basic is the strap-on crampon which is meant for hiking or mountaineering. It usually comes with a plastic loop at the toe piece and another plastic loop at the heel for the locking mechanism at the back of the shoe.

Step-in crampons are relatively different because they are far more secure when compared to strap-on crampons. Because they are quite safe as an attachment and remain tight, it is perfect when you are out ice climbing or mountaineering. The best thing about this crampon is that they can be used on ski boots or even on mountaineering boots.

Another type of crampon that comes as a combination of step-in and strap-on crampons is the hybrid crampon, which is a cross between the two. This type of crampon can be used on a broader range of hiking boots and gives a lot of security to the feet when climbing a near vertical or icy slope.

There are certain features in crampons that you should look for before deciding to buy a crampon. The first is the anti-balling plates which are meant to prevent ice and snow from caking up underneath the crampon and making it difficult and heavier for you to walk or climb. The second factor refers to the kind of material that the spikes of the crampon are made of. Some spikes are made of aluminum while others are made of steel. Aluminum spikes can be lighter but not durable. Steel spikes, on the other hand, are relatively heavy but far more enduring. Another thing to look for is the front point style, as well as the number of points. Front points can either be vertical or horizontal, meant for different kind of slopes. The number of points on the crampons also matter, such as 10 points or 12 points. 10 point crampons are useful for basic mountaineering, while a 12 point one is better for professional hardcore mountaineering. As far as linking bars are concerned, flexible linking bars are a better option when it comes to performance.

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